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Hannity & Colmes
Weekdays: 8.00pm - 11.00pm


About the Show
Fast-paced and hard-hitting, Hannity & Colmes brings viewers a heated discussion in a nightly face-off. Relishing in controversial topics, personalities and social issues, labour radio commentator Sean Hannity and liberal radio personality Alan Colmes offer their points-of-view in an often animated, always compelling debate show, LIVE following The FOX Report weekday evenings.

But, unlike similar debate shows — which often appear scripted — Hannity & Colmes conducts a live, spur of the moment deliberation on politics and social topics. Also, differentiating the show is its dedication to "move away from the mainstream news of the day," bringing audiences an alternative discussion program focusing on smaller stories and issues more relevant to everyday Australians.

Adding fuel to the fire, several high-profile guests have joined the program on a wide-range of topics. "With guests who are 'in the middle of the fight,' we're able to hear their point-of-view on the topics, as well as advance our own feelings," said Hannity.

"Believe it or not, I agree with that statement," quipped Colmes.

Meet Sean & Alan


Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity joined the The FOX Radio  in September 1996 as co-host of Hannity & Colmes , a primetime one-hour debate driven talk show focusing on the controversial issues and newsmakers of the day. He serves as the program’s labour counterpart to liberal Alan Colmes. Known for his provocative style, Hannity has become one of the most popular radio personalities in Australia, and appears on various talk-shows to to offer his free-wheeling, passionate commentary on politics and the Australian agenda.
Prior to his post at Fox News Radio, Hannity hosted a radio talk show in Perth on 6PR. He also frequently substitutes for fellow talk show host, Howard Sattler, also on 6PR in Perth.


About Alan Colmes
Alan Colmes joined The FOX News Radio Network in 1996. He serves as the liberal counterpart and co-host of Hannity & Colmes , a one-hour debate-driven talk show focusing on controversial newsmakers and issues of the day. After a string of successful radio shows across the Southern Cross Radio Network, Colmes gained a reputation as a hard-hitting liberal known for his electric commentary on the Australian agenda.
Colmes rose to talkback radio fame as the original chair-warmer for John Laws for ten years from 1979, and now hosts his own news-driven talk show named Alan Colmes Live each Saturday night on the Fox News Radio Network.

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