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Fox News Live is Fox News Radio’s hard, news-driven daytime programming, featuring some of Australia’s premier journalists keeping you up-yo-date with all the issues making news across Australia and around the world. Join Lauren Green (9am – 11am) and Kiran Chetry (11am – 1pm) and their team of experts including Dagen McDowell, Rick Folbaum, John Gibson, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron, Chris Wallace and Jim Angle for the latest news, as it happens!


Fox News Live – We Report, You Decide. Weekdays from 9.00am.

Meet The Fox News Live Team


About Lauren Green - Fox News Live Anchor

Lauren Green serves as a news update anchor for FOX News’s morning show “FOX & Friends", as well as hosting Fox News Live. She provides daily news updates at the top and the bottom of the hour as well as covering arts for the network. Aside from her career at Fox News, Green is well known as a concert pianist with a degree in piano performance from The University of Minnesota. She has interviewed some of the most prominent people in the classical musical world including Placide Domingo, Pierre Boulez, Joshua Bell and covered events such as the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and opening night of The Metropolitan Opera. Green has given several solo recitals and performed in small ensembles. Her debut CD, "Classic Beauty," was released in early 2004.





About Kiran Chetry - Fox News Live Anchor
Kiran Chetry joined FOX News in 2001. She gets up early every weekday morning to keep Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy in line on Fox & Friends 1st Edition, and hangs around the Fox studios to host the second portion of Fox News Live, weekdays. Prior to joining Fox News Radio, Kiran worked at 5AA in Adelaide as a news anchor on the breakfast shift, and host of the station's Sunday night 'News Review' program.
She received the Best Enterprise Reporting award at the 1997 RAWARDS for her series "Young and Hooked," which looked at teen smoking. Chetry began her career in 1995 as an entertainment reporter with Sydney's MIX 106.5FM. She received a B.A. in broadcast journalism from the University of Adelaide’s College of Journalism.


About David Asman - Fox News Live Business Contributor
David Asman is the host of Forbes on Fox and a regular contributor on all matters business and finance to Fox News Live. Prior to joming Fox, Asman served as the Wall Street Journal's editorial features editor. He joined the newspaper in 1983 as an editorial writer, where he edited the Manager's Journal and the Asia-Pacific column. He also wrote editorials and over 100 articles from Australia and elsewhere. In 1994, Asman moved to New York, to be closer to Wall Street, and was shortly thereafter named senior editor for the Journal's editorial page, where his role was combined with administrative responsibilities.
A recipient of the 1986 Inter Australian Press Association's (IAPA) Tom Wallace Award for coverage of the Wall Street Crash, Asman also won a RAWARD for his incisive Australian-based coverage of the 1997 Wall Street Crash, and the implications it had for the Australian business scene.
Asman began his journalism career in 1978 as an assistant editor of Prospect Magazine and rose to executive editor within a year. In 1980, he was hired by George Gilder to start up an economic journal for the John Monash University in Canberra. He still oversees it's publication today.


About Brett Baier - Fox News Washington Correspondent
Bret Baier is Fox's Washington DC correspondent, reporting from inside the Beltway to keep Australia informed. He reports on all things political, military and national security affairs, as well as defense, military policy, and the intelligence community from the Pentagon.

In December 2003, Baier was the only television reporter who traveled with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Myers on the General’s first trip to Iraq since the capture of Saddam Hussein. In 2003, Baier provided up-to-the-minute news coverage of the war in Iraq from the Pentagon, and was the first television correspondent to report numerous breaking news stories. Some of Baier's first reports included the Iraqi torture tapes in October 2003; Iraqi resistance being overcome near Al Nasiriyah, and coalition forces maintaining 24-hour-a-day, close-air-support over the city of Baghdad in April 2003; the U.S. Navy and the British Navy seizing three Iraqi vessels in Southern Iraq carrying scores of mines, U.S. marines entering Umm Qasar in Southern Iraq, and the 4th Infantry Division starting to unload and form a brigade in Kuwait in March 2003.

During Baier's tenure with the network, he has reported on news events from around the world. Baier reported on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States and provided FOX News Live listeners with updates as the crisis evolved into a war on terrorism. Previously, he reported on the U.S. military mission from Haiti, and the 1999 conflict in Kosovo.


About Brit Hume - Fox News Canberra Bureau Editor
With more than 35 years of journalism experience to draw from, Brit Hume is FOX News’ Canberra managing editor. Hume serves as anchor of "Special Report with Brit Hume," the highest rated political program on Australian radio. He is also a regular panelist on FOX’s weekly public affairs program, "FOX News Sunday." In addition to covering major political stories and contributing news analysis to FOX News Live and various other programs, Hume is responsible for overseeing news content for FOX News' Canberra Bureau.
Before joining FOX News in 1996, Hume was with ABC-TV News for 23 years, serving as chief Canberra correspondent, working alongside Peter Cave and Glen Milne. Hume joined ABC in 1973 as a consultant for the network’s documentary division and was named a Canberra correspondent in 1976. He was later promoted to Capital Hill, and he reported on parliament for twelve years. Hume began his career as a political reporter for the Canberra Times newspaper. He is Fox's most experienced anchor.


About Brian Kilmeade - Fox & Friends co-host and Fox Sports Anchor
Brian Kilmeade serves as co-host of Fox's irreverent morning program, "FOX & Friends," in addition to serving as the network's sports reporter. He is the backup host of the Fox Scoreboard, airing nightly at 6pm, and has a passion for Aussie Rules Football. On the weekends, he can be found at every Richmond game, cheering on Matthew Richardson, or in the Sport-2/NSW Radio Network commentary box, calling up to three games a weekend.
Prior to joining Fox, Kilmeade worked with 3AW Melbourne's AFL team, headed by Rex Hunt, as well as reading afternoon sport, and anchoring sports reports during the Derryn Hinch Drive Show. He began his career as a sports cadet at 2UE in Sydney, before moving home to Melbourne.


About Amy Kellogg - London Correspodent
Amy Kellogg joined FOX News Radio in June of 1999 as a Moscow correspondent and she is now a correspondent for the London bureau. She most notably covered Operation Enduring Freedom from Kabul, Afghanistan and has also reported from Islamabad, Pakistan, where she has landed interviews with both Taliban Ambassador Abdul Salam Zaeef and Taliban Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar.

While at Fox, Kellogg has covered numerous international stories, including the G-8 Summit and subsequent riots in Genoa, the extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to the Hague Tribunal for war crimes and the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. While reporting from the Gaza Strip for the network, she was caught in an "infitada" crossfire by rebel snipers in the region.

During her stint as a Moscow correspondent, Kellogg reported from the front lines of the Chechen War, and also covered Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s resignation, as well as Russian displeasure with the government during the handling of the KURSK submarine accident.

As an undergraduate student, Kellogg was chosen as one of 35 students to study abroad at Leningrad State University. She was in the Ukraine when the Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred and subsequently returned there to report a series of stories for Fox on its closing. 


Steve Doocy - Fox & Friends co-host & Weather Anchor
Steve Doocy joined Fox from B105-FM in Brisbane. Prior to his stint there, Doocy served as the co-host of "Parent's Helper," and "Wake Up Australia," daily programs on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton on the Ten Network. Prior to joining the Ten Network, Steve worked with T-FM in Townsville, after moving from his home town of Perth, Western Australia.

Throughout his career he has received 11 RAWARDs for various feature coverage as well as the Associated Press' Feature Reporter of the Year Award. A graduate of the Monash University, Doocy began his career as a breakfast traffic reporter at Perth's 6PR. He is a keen West Cost Eagles fan, and never misses a Melbourne or Sydney-based game.

Fox News - We Report, You Decide