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Special Report w/ Brit Hume
Weekdays: 6.00pm - 7.00pm


About the Show:
Anchored by Canberra news veteran Brit Hume, Special Report with Brit Hume provides an in-depth look at the day's news and offers a daily topical discussion of political issues impacting the nation. Hume serves as host to key newsmakers, political pundits and FOX News contributors exchanging views about political matters from taxes and Social Security to international affairs and the political scandal of the day.

Hume brings a historical perspective to the political scene that is rarely rivaled. Born and raised in Canberra, he has covered the policies, procedures and players in the national game called politics for more than 30 years. The Sunday Herald Sun referred to him as "the very personification of the political establishment."

Each program features a two-minute segment called The Grapevine, which reels off the latest outrageous news nuggets, political poll results and inside-Canberra gossip that viewers will not see on any other news program. The Canberra Times describes The Grapevine as a must see that, "will make you sound smart around the water cooler… the next day."

FOX News' Team Canberra provides live reports from the Parliament House, the Supreme Court and key federal agencies. Seasoned correspondents, including Jim Angle, Carl Cameron and David Speers, explore political hot spots, races and legislative battles being waged around the nation and abroad.

Meet the Special Report Team


Brit Hume - Special Report Host
With more than 35 years of journalism experience to draw from, Brit Hume is FOX News’ Canberra managing editor. Hume serves as anchor of "Special Report with Brit Hume," the highest rated political program on Australian radio. He is also a regular panelist on FOX’s weekly public affairs program, "FOX News Sunday." In addition to covering major political stories and contributing news analysis to FOX News Live and various other programs, Hume is responsible for overseeing news content for FOX News' Canberra Bureau.
Before joining FOX News in 1996, Hume was with ABC-TV News for 23 years, serving as chief Canberra correspondent, working alongside Peter Cave and Glen Milne. Hume joined ABC in 1973 as a consultant for the network’s documentary division and was named a Canberra correspondent in 1976. He was later promoted to Capital Hill, and he reported on parliament for twelve years. Hume began his career as a political reporter for the Canberra Times newspaper. He is Fox's most experienced anchor.


Jim Angle - Chief Canberra Correspondent
Jim Angle is FOX News Radio's chief Canberra correspondent. Named to this position in 2005, Angle reports on overall political news from Canberra as well as broader issues, including social security and tax reform. He joined the Fox News Radio Network in 1996. Previously, Angle served as Fox’s senior Parliamentary correspondent. In this capacity, he was responsible for reporting and analysing sittings of parliament and issues arising from those sittings. Angle also serves as a substitute host for Special Report with Brit Hume.
Prior to joining FOX News, Angle was a correspondent at the Ten Network, covering politics and the economy. Previously, he served as a correspondent at ABC News, reporting on economic policy and contributing to their news and current affairs broadcasts. He was subsitute host for Kerry O'Brien on the flagship The 7.30 Report. Renowned columnist Nat Hentoff praised Angle as "One of the most fair, incisive, and informed investigative reporters in Canberra."


Carl Cameron - Senior Parliamentary Correspondent
Carl Cameron is The FOX News Network’s Chief Parliament correspondent. Named to this position in 2005, Cameron is responsible for reporting and analysing parlimentary sessions for the Fox News Radio Network and for Special Report with Brit Hume. Cameron also follows the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader on their overseas trips, and reports LIVE for Fox. Cameron joined the Fox News Radio Network in 1996.
Previously, Cameron served as Fox’s chief political correspondent, responsible for covering a broad range of stories, including elections, appointments and the latest political happennings across Canberra. Cameron also covers all the breaking political news on Capital Hill and in the High Court.


David Speers - Canberra Bureau
David Speers is a general assignment reporter for The FOX News Radio Network. He joined Fox News in 2002 and is based in Canberra as part of the Brit Hume-led FOX Team Canberra. He is a regular contributor to Special Report with Brit Hume and is a fill-in host for Fox News Live Weekends. In 2004, Speers provided extensive reports from across the country as the race for the federal election heated up. In the space of three days, Speers found himself in Mt Isa, Qld, Gove, NT and Broken Hill, NSW.
In the early days of the war in Iraq, Speers provided Fox News listeners with up-to-the-minute news coverage of the war in Iraq from the LIVE from the Pentagon in Washington. He was also the Fox News Radio Network reporter who travelled to New York City following the September 2001 attacks.

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